The Traditional Chinese shooting style or as we call it now, the Pakua style, is different from the Mediterranean style – which uses three fingers to pull the string – and is characterized by the use of the thumb to pull the string.   A thumb ring made according to the ancient traditions out of horn, bone or jade is used to protect the finger from the tension of the string.

The Pakua bow is re-curved and is easily recognizable by its “ears”, nonflexible extensions of wood.  This serves as a lever and multiplies the power of the draw.

There are two types of bows used in the Pakua School: One is made of wood, fiberglass and leather while the other is made of more traditional materials such as bamboo, water buffalo horn and wood.  However both types of bows are handcrafted.

The arrows used by Pakua students are also special and are not readily available on the market.  They must either be ordered or hand manufactured by the Masters themselves because of the very specific requirements.  The projectiles are made of traditional materials such as bamboo and natural feathers that feature the white, red and black colors characteristics to the Pakua School and found in its flag.  This color scheme symbolizes the three Cosmic concepts of Sky, Man and Earth.

Courses in Archery are taught by the International Pakua League all over the world and include the Yin and Yang aspects of the art:  Chan Meditation is applied to the shooting movements as well as Traditional Chinese combat oriented techniques.

The study is available to anyone with or without experience in either Archery or Martial Art.

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